Ravishankar Thimmangur Shenava


140 - 600 Tecumseh East Windsor ON


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Ravishankar Thimmangur Shenava is a Psychiatrist working at 600 Tecumseh East. Contact Ravishankar Thimmangur Shenava using the phone number.

 Recent Reviews

He made me very uncomphy sitting to close also asking questions very very personal like do i enjoy oral sex he crepes me out plus the wait is crazy and he comments on your body. If you are a woman like me who was abused sexual add so forth don't go see him you feel raped all over again...ps looking for a new shrink

I was referred to Dr. Shenava. He was cery unprofessional,unhelpful,unknowledgeable. He spent 10 minutes with me. He told me I needed to lose weight when I did not need to.I told him I was sexually abused as a child by a doctor and told me I was confused. He told me to take his happy pill and I would come back happy. I came out crying and never returned. I would rate him a minus ten. I would never recommend him to anyone.

I was referred to see Dr. Shenava by my family doctor and upon my first visit I attempted to speak to him about my diagnosis reasonably, as an intelligent adult. He sat uncomfortably close and immediately accused me of minimizing my symptoms. What's more, he immediately used sensitive personal information that I shared with him to patronize me. It was a very unsettling and upsetting experience for me. I will not be going back.

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