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Paris Sleep Lab is located at 139 Grand River Street, Paris, ON N3L 2M4. Contact Paris Sleep Lab using the phone number.


I have been 4 times to the Paris Sleep Lab: 1st was for the sleep test. The staff were OK - I now know there were things they could have explained that would have made my first experience with all the wires less traumatic. The report was given to me over the phone and I did not understand what I was being told. The second time at the sleep lab was again the overnight sleep this time with the CPAP. I was left waiting for well over an hour before someone came to even indicate they knew I was present. Well past my sleep time I was finally wired up and connected to the CPAP. Again I now know some things they could have done to introduce me to sleeping with the intrusive headgear. Finally it was time for my report. I waited for an hour before seeing the nurse practitioner. Today, after my one month trial with the CPAP I again returned to see the doctor for further advice and probable prescription to purchase a CPAP machine. After waiting 40 minutes in the waiting room we asked how long the wait would yet be. Reply: 'Oh not long. Any minute now.' After another 5 minutes we reported that we were leaving. Their reply: 'Oh, didn't you want to see the doctor?' Foolish remark after all the time I had already spent in their office. Unless you are very patient and have lots of free time to waste in their waiting room, I would not recommend the Paris Sleep Lab. I would like to find another place to have my sleep apnea assessed. Ron

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