Muhammed Shahid Aziz


969 Derry Road East Mississauga ON


  • English
  • Panjabi/punjabi
  • Urdu

Muhammed Shahid Aziz is a Psychiatrist working at 969 Derry Road East. Contact Muhammed Shahid Aziz using the phone number.

 Recent Reviews

Exceptional and a dignified middle aged guy, selfless and compassionate, very genuine and a scholar, what can more be said, live long

A good man, always smiling and at peace with himself I and my whole family are eternally grateful to you for your care, compassion and kindness. Bless you where ever you are

great and a decent guy, ask him and he knows everything, brilliant, kind and authentic fella, please comeback

I saw this gentleman few times in the 80,s and found him genuine, exceptionally kind and a decent man. he treated me for depression and his attitude towards mental illness was nothing less then a blessing in disguise. I admired this man then and now I found out he is no longer actively working. Please where ever you are , my thoughts and best wishes are with you. thank you and I back to work and fully recovered

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