Glazier Medical Centre

11 Gibb St. Oshawa ON


Glazier Medical Centre is located at 11 Gibb St., Oshawa, ON L1H 2J9. There are currently 12 Family Doctors, 1 Neurology, 2 Internal Medicine, 1 Dentist and 2 Obstetrics and Gynecology available to assist you.


I really appreciate the premise of the Glazier Medical Centre. There are many specialties under one roof, including an urgent care department. Some parts of the facility are modern, while others are a bit old or run down. The Admin. dep't of Glazier Medical Centre needs to do a better job of ensuring staff are competent and effective. Some staff members are excellent, while I have personally had the misfortune of enduring incompetent staff, who are likely still there, today. Those incompetent or ineffective staff members only hurt the clinic's reputation, and those excellent staff members. The clinic is convenient and has huge, local potential. Patients should be aware that staff is hit or miss, and should refuse further care from incompetent staff, so they can be identified and removed.

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