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NRG Medicine
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Nicole Ramien practices as a Registered Massage Therapist in Toronto, Ontario. She is an Honors graduate of ICT Kikkawa College and she is the only fully certified Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapist® in the GTA. Nicole received degrees from both McGill University and the Panamerican School of Natural Medicine. She began her health care career as a Baccalaureate Registered Nurse with hospital experience in Hematology-Oncology, as well as practicing Naturopathic Medicine as an intern at several clinics around the world. Nicole has completed the AFCI designation, enabling her to use Anatomical Acupuncture to proficiently treat chronic pain and several other medical concerns, in addition to using nutritional supplementation regimes to promote her clients optimal health. Nicole’s passion is to selectively combine the various elements of her training, to create an individualized and effective approach to each client case that she sees, achieving an inspired and holistic practice that ensures the client leaves feeling satisfied that their issues have been addressed.

 Recent Reviews

I have met with Nicole a number of times, and the level of knowledge and skill combined with professionalism and personality is in my opinion is just unmatchable. Nicole is very in tune to your needs as an individual rather than just body-type or the general "practice" most give. She tailors your sessions to benefit your needs and wants. I just came across this webpage and I had to leave a review..i think everyone else is still enjoying they're massage:)

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